Babanango Causeway - Basic Assessment and Water Use Licence

Phelamanga was appointed to undertake the Public Participation activities linked to an application by the Emcakweni Community Trust for the construction of a 200m long and 4m wide causeway across the White Umfolozi River in the Babanango Valley. This proposed causeway will provide quick, easy and safe access between the northern and southern banks of the White Umfolozi River. The causeway will replace an existing causeway further downstream, which is derelict and found to be unsafe by Engineering Consultants, and poses a significant hazard when crossing, as well as being a far more time-consuming crossing. On both the northern and southern banks of the proposed causeway there are existing dirt tracks which will be lengthened to connect to the proposed causeway itself. This project requires a Basic Assessment and a Water Use licence. The Emcakweni Community Trust have made these applications, and I&APs have an opportunity to see the Basic Assessment Report (BAR) and review the proposed project, the alternatives and the no-go options described in the report


Key Dates to note:

Basic Assessment Comments are due by Close of Business 19 September 2019

Water Use Licence Application Comments are due by Close of Business 22 October 2019


Please forward all comments to Rose Owen on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Documents related to this project are available at the following links (the size is indicated in brackets for each document) if you have any difficulties with any documents please contact us

Basic Assessment Report 1_Babanango_River_Crossing_V5.pdf (5 955KB)

Basic Assessment Report Annexure - A Regional Map (170KB)

Basic Assessment Report Annexure - A Locality Map (177KB) 

Basic Assessment Report Annexure B Master Layout Babanango_R01i-New_Umfolozi.pdf (1 149KB)

Basic Assessment Report Annexure C Specialist_Report_measures_included_in_the_BAR_and_EMP.pdf (386 KB) 

Appendix 1 White_Umfolozi_Causeway_Crossing_EMP_V2.pdf (1 564KB)

Appendix 3 Freshwater_and_Vegetation_14082019_002.pdf (3 007KB)

Appendix 4 Floodline Assessment Babanango_Flood_Assessment_NatureStamp_Final_Report.pdf (2 439KB)

Appendix 5 Aquatic (Instream) Babanango_Report_Rev_1.pdf (2575KB)

Appendix 6 Geotechnical Report 1_32687-C_-_Imfolozi_Causeway_Crossing.pdf (222KB)

Appendix 6 Geotechnical Report 2_CAD_32687-_C-01.pdf (684KB)

Appendix 6 Geotechnical Report 3_CAD_32687-_C-02.pdf (2 954KB)

Appendix 6 Geotechnical Report - Photos 4_Plates_C_1-7.pdf (526KB)

Appendix 7 Engineering Design 1_Drift_flow_letter.pdf (477KB)

Appendix 7 Engineering Design 2_TD_05-Detail_11-_NEW_UMFOLOZI_CROSSING_Causeway.pdf (406KB)

Appendix 7 Engineering Design 3_U05_DBN_TD08_Babanango_R01i-New_Umfolozi.pdf (1 149KB)

Appendix_List.pdf (93KB)



Tongaat Hulett MES Postponement Application

Phelamanga was appointed as the independent facilitator to assist Zanokhule Enivornmental Services and Tongaat Hulett with independent facilitation for the public meetings related to the application for postponement of compliance timeframes of the Minimum Emissions Standards (MES) in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act (No. 39 of 2004); for four Tongaat Hulett Mills - Amatikulu, Darnall, Maidstone and Felixston. Zanokhule Environmental Services were the appointed specialists who prepared the AIR and submitted the application.

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Station Drive - Directional Conversion

Phelamanga was appointed in 2017 to assist the eThekwini Economic Development & Investment Promotion Unit who had initiated a project to determine the feasibility of changing the direction of Station Drive from a two-way to a one-way road. This was in response to various requests from local businesses and property owners. eThekwini appointed Phelamanga as the Public Participation consultant, to undertake a Public Meeting and manage a comment register and I&AP database.


Station Drive is situated in the eThekwini suburb of Berea. It is a circular road that exits and enters onto Umgeni Rd. The Station Drive Precinct is Durban's first urban renewal and creative district; home to a wide range of businesses from traditional retail, warehousing, motor repairs, sales and supplies to health, lifestyle and creative businesses in a dynamic setting.

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Rivertown Precinct Development

Phelamanga was appointed to assist the eThekwini Catalytic Projects Team with the facilitation of the Rivertown Precinct Public Information Meeting for the implementation of various upgrades and developments to the roads and sidewalks as the initial phase of a longer term development of the precinct.


Rivertown Precinct is situated in central eThekwini between the beach front and the International Convention Centre Complex. It is home to a wide range of businesses from traditional retail, warehousing, motor repairs, sales and supplies to health, lifestyle and creative businesses in a dynamic setting.

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