The forum is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations governing gatherings of people and restrictions on potential meeting venues. 


The UIC (Acacia) Permit Advisory Forum is a platform through which the community, authorities, industry and local environmental groups are able to engage on issues regarding the Acacia Operations Services coastal waters discharge permit.

The forum ensures that regular reporting to the stakeholders provides an opportunity for monitoring of the outfall for compliance with the licence or permit, and that adverse impacts and pollution to the receiving environment are avoided and/or minimised within acceptable timeframes to acceptable standards. The forum also provides a platform to inform the authorities of concerns that may be raised during the licence period, and for active positive engagement around the concerns.

The Agenda, minutes and any important notices relevant to the forum and the stakeholders may be accessed here.

The Agenda for the next meeting is available at the following link: 200206_Acacia_Draft_Agenda_V1.pdf

The Minutes of our most recent meeting are available at the following link: 200206_UIC_PAF_Minutes_V2.pdf


The presentations are available as follows:

Acacia AECI (1.466 MB) : 2020_06_02_Acacia_PAF_Presentation_V1.0.pdf

Venator (399 KB) : 2019_Q4_PAF.pdf

[Note: We respectfully request that you do not distribute or share the forum documents randomly. The context surrounding the presentations is as important as the presentations themselves. People who were not able to attend the meeting, or have never been, may not have either context or holistic understanding of the material presented.]


In the event you are unable to access any of the aforementioned documents please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.