Phelamanga has been appointed to assist with the Public Participation activities linked to the Basic Assessment (BA) and Water Use Licence (WUL) applications for the proposed development of the Madwaleni Lodge, KwaZulu-Natal, an initiative by theAHC Northern Territories (Pty) Ltd. To be located within the proposed Babanango Game Reserve, in the Babanango Valley in the Ulundi Local Municipality. 


The Environmental Authorisation for application DC26/0005/2020 has been granted ref KZN/EIA/0001387/2020 on 06 January 2021 and an appeal period is provided for. An appellant must comply with regulation 4(2), take the requirments of Annexure 3 of Governent Notice No. R 650 (dated 05 June 2020) into account and submit the appeal in writing, on the form obtainable from the Appeal Administrtaion and by post, fax, email or hand delivery to the following address:

Att: Haresh Inderlall

Private Bag X9152



E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Room 218.23, 2nd Floor

270 Jabu Ndlovu Street




The appeal period is 20 days from receipt of the notice of the decision, the timeframes have been extended by an additional 21 days during Alert level 3 of the COVID-19 lockdown period of the national state of disaster. Therefore the appeal closing date would be 17 March 2021.


For reference the Environmental Authorisation KZN/EIA/0001387/2020 is provided at the link below, should you require any further information please contact us.

Signed_Authorisation.06.01.21.pdf (1 018 KB)


Madwaleni Lodge Layout

Layout of the Madwaleni Lodge