The stakeholder meetsings are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations governing gatherings of people and restrictions on potential meeting venues. 


Phelamanga is providing facilitation for stakeholder meetings within the i4WATER Umbumbulu project. The Umbumbulu project is the extension of the original project undertaken in 2016 by i4WATER; a community development project in the Folweni and Ezimbokodweni areas, known as the Wise Wayz Water Care (WWWC) Project. 


Due to the success of the Wise Wayz Water Care project, the i4WATER were asked to expand the project upstream into the Umbumbulu area. A feasibility study, in Ward 100 of Umbumbulu, was conducted in 2018. The outcomes of the feasibility study formed the basis of the proposal, and approved Umbumbulu project.


The aim of this stakeholder forum is to pro-actively engage between the Community, the project team and the authorities on issues affecting the Community and the project


The Agenda, minutes and any important notices relevant to the forum and the stakeholders may be accessed here.

The Agenda for the next meeting is available at the following link: (will be available in advance of the next meeting)

The Minutes of our most recent meeting are available at the following link 200206_Proj_Launch_Minute_V2.pdf


[Note: We respectfully request that you do not distribute or share the forum documents randomly. The context surrounding the presentations is as important as the presentations themselves. People who were not able to attend the meeting, or have never been, may not have either context or holistic understanding of the material presented.]