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Unit Std Title : Provide risk-based primary emergency care/First aid in the workplace
Unit Standard ID : 120496

Purpose for Training:
A learner credited with this unit standard will be enabled to provide primary emergency care (first aid) in response to an occupational risk induced or any health emergency in their specific workplaces.

Summary of outcomes:
Demonstrate the principles of primary emergency care in the workplace and sustain a basic level of preparedness for health emergencies in the workplace. Demonstrate primary emergency life support for adults, children and infants according to current international protocols. Keep records of the incident/accident.

Summary of assessment criteria:
• The aims of primary emergency care are identified in evidence.
• The principles of emergency scene management are explained and demonstrated in accordance with current accepted emergency care practises, personal protective devices and infectious diseases prevention procedures(universal precautions),used treatment of casualties, are identified and their purpose and application correctly described and demonstrated.
• The incident/accident is reported in accordance with current and accepted workplace procedures and policies.