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Unit Std Title: Apply occupational health and safety and environmental principles
Unit Std ID: 113852

Purpose for Training:
Learners acquiring this standard will be learning towards obtaining a national qualification or are working within a health and safety environment, where acquisition of competence against this standard will add value to learners.

Summary of outcomes:
To identify hazards, evaluate and report hazards. To apply preventative measures and explain use and comply
with relevant legislation and regulations in the workplace.

Summary of assessment criteria:

  • Different hazards are identified and categorised according to specific area, job category, work procedure, machinery or substances used.
  • The links between work, health, safety and the environment are explained, Recommendations on hazards drafted in H&S structures are reported on and discussed.
  • The principle of the hierarchy of control measures to the workplace are applied.
  • The responsibilities, duties and rights of individuals in the workplace and the relevant internal and external bodies are described correctly.