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Unit Std Title : Basic health and safety principles around the workplace
Unit Standard ID : 259639

Purpose for Training:
Learners will be able to understand the requirements that apply to persons entering the workplace and performing any duties therein as well as the requirements for the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), housekeeping and emergency procedures that apply to the workplace.

Summary of outcomes:
Explain both employer and employee duties with regard to occupational safety and health and general safety rules in the workplace, the use and application of Personal Protective Equipment in the workplace, good housekeeping in the workplace and to apply emergency procedures in the workplace.

Summary of assessment criteria:

  • The employer's duties are described with regard to occupational safety and health in the workplace.
  • Hazards and associated risks in the workplace are identified and addressed to ensure the health and safety of themselves and other persons.
  • Symbolic and other signage may include but is not limited to mandatory, information, warning signs and colour coding.
  • The importance of wearing PPE and the consequences of non-compliance, maintenance and storage practices are explained in order to ensure functionality.
  • The need for good housekeeping, the requirements pertaining to stacking and storage of materials in the workplace are explained in terms of health and safety.