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Unit Std Title : Operate a truck mounted crane
Unit Standard ID : 242978

Purpose for Training:
The person credited with this unit standard will be able to understand the functions of a truck mounted crane while using the crane in a safe and suitable manner. They will also be able to access support and emergency services in the case of an incident or accident in the workplace.

Summary of outcomes:
Demonstrate knowledge and identify the safety and suitability of the crane. Inspect and record the operational fitness of the components of the truck and crane. Operate a Truck Mounted crane. Access available support systems and emergency services in case of incidents and accidents.

Summary of assessment criteria:

  • Demonstrate the functions of a truck mounted crane, the operations of all major components is explained in terms of their functions.
  • Pre-operational checks are carried out according to appropriate checklist e suitability of the crane is identified in accordance with its purpose prior to utilisation.
  • Daily and weekly operator maintenance is performed according to the appropriate post-operational checklist and recorded using a logbook.
  • The purpose and functions of the various controls are explained in accordance with their designed use and manufacturers specifications.