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Unit Std Title : Operate counter balance lift truck
Unit Standard ID : 242974

Purpose for Training:
To be able to operate a counter balance lift truck in a safe manner, including pre- and post- inspections, all documentation, handling loading and storage and emergency systems and services in the event of an accident or incident.

Summary of outcomes:
Apply recognised methods for inspecting and recording the operational fitness of all components of the lift truck with reference to safety procedure. Identify and classify freight/loads taking into account documentation, packaging and labelling associated with specific freight and handle loads; store freight in accordance with industry standards and environmental requirements. Achieve maximum work performance of lifting equipment and attachments, to operate equipment in accordance with procedures.

Summary of assessment criteria:

  • Methods for inspecting the operational fitness of all components on the lift truck are described.
  • Pre and post are conducted using the operations check sheet, basic fault and defects of the lift truck are identified and recorded in the required format.
  • Freight/loads types are identified and all documentation is explained with examples.
  • The operating functions of lift truck relevant for work environment and different environmental conditions, the effect of the environment and equipment constraints on safe operating procedures and practices, operating equipment is used in accordance with operation instructions and loading guidelines.
  • Corrective actions required to prevent dangerous situations arising.
  • Support systems and emergency services are identified.