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Phelamanga Projects was founded in 1994 by Rod Bulman to offer specialised public participation services. It has since expanded to include all aspects of strategic planning, organisational development, facilitation and public consultation. We pride ourselves on our high levels of quality and integrity, the hallmark of all Phelamanga work.

Public Participation

Includes all areas of strategic planning, organisational development, facilitation and public consultation. Public participation provides numerous ways for a business to engage in a dialogue with the public, particularly its neighbours. It is very different from public relations or marketing, although it can have positive benefits for both.

Core services 

Environmental Assessments

Phelamanga Participation offers a full suite of public participation services that fulfil the legislated requirements, including:
• Planning the Public Participation process;
• Developing the necessary advertising and information and distributing it;
• Arranging and facilitating various types of stakeholder engagements and public meetings;
• Compiling an Issues and Responses Report;
• Maintaining an I&AP database and record;
• Compiling a Public Participation Report.

Community Liaison Forums

At its best, a Community Forum meets regularly and provides a platform where the decision makers in the business can meet with members of the community in which the business is operating to discuss the impacts each have the on the other. Some Forums are required by legislation and some are voluntary; most involve the business, the community and one or more of the authorities.
The ones that function best are those where:
• The facilitator is independent;
• Trust has been established by transparency and honest responses from all participants;
• There is some continuity of membership;
• There is no political agenda
Phelamanga Participation is currently providing several businesses with the following community forum services which include:
• Maintaining a database of participants;
• Securing and booking venues, drawing up agendas, taking minutes and distributing documents;
• Facilitation of meetings.

Licence Advisory Forums (LAF) 

Phelamanga Participation has extensive experience in setting up and running LAFs for industries with permits to discharge into the sea. For these we:
• Set up and maintain a database of participants;
• Provide a secretariat including agenda, minuting and document distribution;
• Facilitate Forum meetings.